Spa Deals

August Deals


  • Massage it Away...

Book a reservation for a relaxing massage this month in your house and $ave...Sounds like heaven. $ave $25 this month only! 


  • Prepay & Book in advance

Love the services? Want to get on the books in advance? Prepay & Save...

Prepay for 4 services & Save $60

Prepay for 8 services & Save $120

Prepay for 16 services & Save $240

Prepay for 32 services & Save $480

  • Subscribe and Book in Advance

Love the services? Do you get the same service time and time again? Do you want to know you can get your desired Time/Day  for your services up to the end of the year?

YOU should become a member and never have to pay for your services at an appointment again. You pick a date between 1-15 and every month your services will be automatically debited allowing you to pick your reservations all the way until the 31 of December. 


  • Lash Extensions

Want lashes?...Book a Lash Extensions reservations this month and $ave 50 this month only!


  • Refer a friend

Get $30 Credit to use towards your services. You will get (3) $10 gift cards that can be used for 3 separate reservations.