How to apply Under Lashes

I just got back from working a beauty show with Ardell in Boston and created this Awesome Lash Look using Ardell's NEW Double UP Lashes. I used Lashes 203 & 206...

I recreated this look on my Assistant Zenetta B. and uploaded it on my YouTube Channel: @LashesofJoy which I will add to the bottom of this Post but here is a step by step...

  • Clear Lash Grip or Duo Eyelash Adhesive
  • Tweezers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • ARDELL Lashes of choice
  • Small Manicure Scissors or Stork Shears

  1. Sanitize your hands
  2. Remove lashes from tray by using your thumb to push the lashes down
  3. Prime lash by bending it in the opposite direction that it is curving in
  4. Measure lash from corner to corner on the under lash line, If you want EXTRA DRAMA keep the lash longer then the natural under lash line
  5. Squeeze a small amount of eyelash adhesive onto the tray then dip the back of your tweezer into the adhesive so you have a small bead of adhesive on it
  6. Apply a thin coat of clear eyelash adhesive (it will look white but its ok it will dry clear) on the lash band using the back of the tweezer to spread it across
  7. Wave the lashes in the air for a few seconds (DO NOT BLOW...when you blow micro pieces of spit go onto the lash...EWWWWW)
  8. Apply the lash up under the model/clients natural lash hairs
  9. You have a few minutes to manipulate the lash you can get it very close to the lash line or create a bit of space
  10. Hold the lash in place for a min and then repeat the steps for the next eye

Click Below for the Video..Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: @LashesofJoy