Where I have been

Since becoming an Educator with American International Industries specifically the brand Ardell Lashes, I have been afforded many opportunities to travel the WORLD. I enjoy traveling but even more then that I enjoy feeling like I'm a bit connected with my Mom, whom passed away 11 years ago. She was a Flight Attendant for American Airlines for over 20 years. And I feel continuously connected to her every time I enter an airport...I feel just like my mom Joyce.

Places I have been:
Hershey, PA
Uniondale, NY
Nashville, TN
King of Prussia, PA
Orlando, FL
Salt Lake City, UT
Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte, NC
Indianapolis, IN
Long Beach, CA
Galveston, TX
Boston, MA
Edison, NJ
Novi Sad, Serbia
Paris, France

My Very First Beauty Show Hershey, PA....thats where it all began..
ALL Thanks to Linda W.
New Jersey Emiliani Beauty Show
Nashville, TN Beauty Show
Salt Lake City, UT Rocky Mts