To Europe All in the name of Eyelashes

So I have just gotten back from Paris a week ago, and all I can say is Wow. I went to 2 European Countries in June Novi Sad, Serbia & Paris, France.

In Serbia I was teaching (2) 8 hour hands on classes hosted by Alexandar Cosmetics for local Serbian Beauty Pros. I had a wonderful time, Anita was my translator made my time there even more enjoyable because she helped me communicate with everyone. Its amazing how the Love for Eyelashes is really Global. We went over Individual/Band Lashes, Ardell's Brow and Accessories, at the end of the class we had a bit of additional time so I also applied makeup to some of the Alexandar staff from the cosmetic line that they carry in their stores.
Anita my translator Before Makeup & After Makeup/Lashes

Demonstrating Ardell Individual Flares aka Clusters aka Individuals...These lashes last from 1-2 wks depending on your home care. But require bi-weekly maintenance from your lash stylist.

Completed Full Set of Ardell Individuals...Beautiful

Applying Ardell Brow Gel/Ardell Brow Powder Palette...if you have fabulous Lashes people are going to look at your Brows next...#PolishedLook
Beautiful Ardell Brows & Lashes
Enjoying my last nite in Serbia on top of a Fort enjoying a delicious dinner....

On to Paris...Oui Oui

Paris was AWESOME it is one of those places you learn about in school and may even have taken the language but to be there was euphoric. 

I was there conducting demonstrations at an event called Makeup in Paris
My Lashes @Makeup in Paris 2012

The Breath Taking Eiffel Tower

Institute Laugier owner Monique K. (right) & Anne-Laure A. My Translator/Freelance Makeup Artist (left)

The Highlight of my trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower...You hear about it in school  but I never thought I would stand right in front of it....

A Perfect End to my Perfect European Tour! I hope to work in London Next...but it was still nice to get back home.