Back to Serbia & Jersey I went...& Loved It

So this past month I was gone quit a few times...5 Days in Novi Sad, Serbia,1 Day in Texas & ended with 4 Jersey (New Jersey).  I Love Europe and I LOVE SERBIA!!!

Here are some pics....Enjoy

On my way to Novi Sad, Serbia

In the Netherlands on my way to Serbia (huge tea cup & slouch couch man)

So I stayed in a Hotel where the President of the Republic of Serbia was Partying!

Such a Wonderful Welcome. Thank You Alexandar Cosmetics

Applying individual lashes on a Serbian Beauty.

My WONDERFUL TRANSLATORS...Anita @ Top & Milica @ Bottom

     Anita, Myself, Milica, Mr. Alexandar (pictured above)   Mr & Mrs. Alexandar are such Gracious, Generous, Business People that I admire! They run a tight ship but they treat people so well and everything they do is PERFECTION! I had a picture with Mrs. Alexandar ( I love her Curls in her hair) but my phone deleted a number of pictures including hers...I will get one in April 2013

On with the Judging

I was honored to Judge an Eyelash Competition it was Hosted by Lesja Karic of Atelier (

(Lesja Karic and Me during the judging she was giving me my guidlines)

Scoring the model

Me and Milica my Wonderful translator giving a "Thank You" Speech on stage during the Lash winners presentation.

Me & The WINNERS of this days Lash Competition and Lesja's daughter cute little girl.

I accepted a Thank You Certificate from Atelier Co. & Milica accepted a Thank You Certificate that was presented to Alexandar Cosmetics.

Lesja Karic & I after Day 1 of competition

My Thank You Certificate...I'm framing it in my STUDIO

On with the Sight Seeing & Fun Pics

Allison B., Myself & Wende T. my colleagues on the Serbia Trip Educating

Almost the entire time I was at this show I thought this guy was a life size cigarette when in fact he was a Light Bulb...Tanning Bed Advertisement, VERY EFFECTIVE GOT MY ATTENTION

I guess there is 1 in EVERY

My colleagues and I were chomping on this life size Watermelon...yum

Me on top the Fort in Novi Sad, skyline reminds me of Chicago a bit..

Always nice to see this sign!

I jumped to Texas the next day I got in from Serbia...Sorry no Pics..Then I went to New Jersey

Jersey Jersey

My Sissy's

Alisa N, Myself, Alison N @ Emiliani VIP NITE
My sisters...I Love them! They were with me as well as my Daughter and Grandmother who turned 82 on our work trip to NJ. 

So Im in NJ working at the Ardell Booth and who finds me??? A SERBIAN MODEL, it was so funny she asked me to do her makeup because she was a hair model on stage. I said Sure and come to find out she is from SERBIA. What are the chances of that. Well this Serbian Beauty is Stanija her.

So this Ardell Booth was so serious! We had to bust out Red Robe and have 1 way in & 1 way out. The lines went into the aisle. Women love their Lashes! Then the last shot is a Sold Out Ardell Booth.

 The end of my October International Lash Styling Journey...Until my next trip.

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xoxo Happy Lashing